Review Policy

Hello and thank you for visiting this page.

For clarity, I have listed my review policy below:

I do accept books to review, I would prefer physical copies as I like to make notes and jot down thoughts as I go however, I do also have an e-reader.

I’m not a big Science-Fiction or Young Adult fan. Sorry but I think it is important to send books to the most suitable person to ensure a fair and honest review.

I really love Contemporary Women’s Fiction but find I do read a diverse range of genres including Non-Fiction.

I have a Twitter account – @kateve83 and a Good Reads account. When I receive a novel, I will post about it on Twitter and if I enjoyed it then I will post on Good Reads also. I will try to review them in a timely manner as soon as I can and near to the publication date as possible.

I will only blog/post/tweet about a book if I have truly enjoyed it.

I do buy a ridiculous number of books too and so will want to dedicate time to reading and collecting my thoughts on them also.

Overall, I really love books, admiring books, reading books and discussing books so please do get in touch.

Thank you,