Bob The Bear’s Adventures by Alice Chambers

Publisher: Ink

As a mother to a young son I am always looking for good quality children’s books. There is so much out there it is sometimes difficult to chose what will be entertaining, educational and appropriate. Alice Chambers’ story ‘Bob The Bear’s Adventures’ was an instant success. A children’s writer for many years and also a Kindergarten teacher, it felt like Chambers knew how children like to participate and be involved within the stories they read.

My son and I were able to follow Bob on his adventures of hiding outside for the readers to find. The images supported the narrative and I found it led to other observations and comments about the natural world and the scenery surrounding Bob. The piquing of curiosity about Bob’s surroundings helped stimulate more conversation whilst we were reading making it an even more of an enjoyable reading experience. Additionally, the narrative works as a dialogue between the author and Bob, which helped facilitate understanding of the nuances of turn taking in conversation. It left some open-ended questions which meant we were able to use reading strategies like comprehension and prediction throughout the text.

Ultimately, it led to lots of laughter at Bob’s attempts to hide, which manifested in him preferring instead to climb various logs and pots. This led to lots of our own games of hide and seek after reading the text as well as hiding our own teddy and attempting to find him whilst also giving him his own personality. A lovely and enjoyable read that would be a perfect gift for little ones who like adventures and the great outdoors.

Thank you to @LiterallyPR for my copy

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